About Us
Pastor:   Phil Jordan
Email:  pastor@rehobethbaptist.com

Youth Director:  Sean Oglesby
Email:  youth@rehobethbaptist.com
Phone:  (912) 282-4511

Gene Bowen
Email:  gene@rehobethbaptist.com
Phone:  (912) 449-5069

Warren Cason

Cleve Henderson
Phone:  (912) 449-5033

Neil Knowlton
Phone:  (912) 449-6005

Chad Bowen
Email:  chad@rehobethbaptist.com
Phone:  (912) 449-0823

Brandon Yeomans
Email:  brandon@rehobethbaptist.com
Phone:  (912) 449-8804
Rehobeth Baptist Church is a
Southern Baptist congregation located
seven miles west of Blackshear on
Cason Road.  Years ago, God planted
a seed.  That seed sprouted and was
nourished and nurtured.  From the
seed, through God's grace and
dedicated people, grew Sapling Field
Church.  It was constituted in 1884
under the leadership of Rev. Van
Jeffords.  It was later renamed as
Rehobeth Baptist Church.  For over
one hundred twenty-five years, people
in the community have come to
worship at this place God has given
us.  Many have come to know Jesus
Christ as their Savior as a result of the
church's efforts.  Many more have
grown into being what God would have
us be as a result of the church's efforts.

Our responsibility, as members, is to
make sure that Rehobeth will continue
to exist and minister to people, not only
in our area, but also throughout the
entire world.  During the past few
years, several church members have
participated in mission projects in
Georgia, Gulf Coast areas of the
United States, and West Africa.  God
has blessed our church through these
many years, and will continue to bless
if we will remain true and faithful to Him
in the days ahead.
Mission Statement:
The mission of Rehobeth Baptist Church is the
advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  
It shall seek to attain this through the public
worship of God, the preaching of the Gospel,
consistent Christian living by its members,
personal and mass evangelism, missionary
endeavor, and Christian education.